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EMONA manufactures a range of university & college level laboratory equipment & software for Telecommunications known as 'TIMS'.

TIMS provides hands-on experience in modeling telecoms theory to enhance understanding in the lab and uses a unique block diagram approach for building experiments.

In the Lab


Hands on lab hardware
Before Class


Software - TIMS
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Internet delivered
hardware experiments

Hundreds of users worldwide

Find out why hundreds of universities, many of them prestigious leaders in this field, in over 40 countries use TIMS. Contact us for a list of existing users near you. TIMS has been helping students learn for over 20 years and "they enjoy using the TIMS equipment" is a common reaction from our users.

Many Experiments in one system

Over 200 documented experiments in Telecommunications and Signal Processing can be built on TIMS. This covers virtually all current subject areas and can easily be extended to incorporate new topics as they arise. The robust quality of TIMS is suited to everyday student use and the open architecture of TIMS guarantees that your lab will still be relevant 10 years from now.

Block diagram systems level approach

TIMS is composed of single-function modules which are patched together according to a block diagram, the universal language of telecoms. Operating at this block diagram level enables students to fully understand the implications of the theory and brings the telecommunications block diagram to life for them.